After 15 years of doing everything from tattoo artistry, customer service, sales cold calling, technical help-desking, consulting, process improvement, ‘HR’ and IT consulting, project managing, mentoring, website designing, recipe writing, business planning, I want to and I am bringing it all together. This means I try to see everything as a kaleidoscope. And this of course doesn’t include the long-list of degrees, certifications and endless amount of life skills from growing up in India and living life as ‘woman’ in India.

I am extremely passionate about and proud of being a misfit. It comes with a great amount of burden, but at the end it makes me sleep well at nights knowing I did the right thing. If I was to describe myself in values I would focus on words like honest, hard-working, and someone with integrity.

I am an authentic socialiser who cares deeply about relationships in life.

This blog hopes to share with its readers some insights into HR technology, future of work, process engineering and project management.

If you’re interested in partnering with me to launch your HR Technology via a blog post, please contact me via hrtechgirl@gmail.com to discuss this.

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