Is BYOS the next frontier for #HRTech?

The words BYOD are no longer new to anyone. In fact with most companies allowing, encouraging and providing support for various devices, it is now expected that most employees will bring one or more devices to work and use them for work.

However, what’s not so common yet is a movement towards BYOS (Bring your own software). But it’s not rare either. Many companies that allow BYOD do so knowing that within the security and device management rules, employees already use native and non-native device software for sharing, collaborating and taking notes. In fact, companies that take a balanced risk reward approach and want to be innovative, are already allowing this and more with introducing Office 365 and similar tools to truly enable mobility.

Introducing new software to employees in most enterprises can be costly, time-consuming and riddled with change management challenges. This is especially common when it comes to business specific applications that are shared and designed for specialists. HR technology is certainlyin that category. While there’s been great progress in HR technology where end users have a ‘consumer-like’ experience, unfortunately it is still designed for people who administer and use the data it generates.

But what if teams were to choose their own technology for common ‘HR’ processes like performance management and learning? To truly empower people, would it not be worth allowing people to BYOS for HR? And if companies were feeling braver, would they use consumer payment technologies for payroll? I don’t think those days are too far ahead in the future.

Has your company tried BYOS for HR? I’d love to hear about it!

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