Fabulous, Functional and Affordable – the new age of HRIS

Is your HRIS fabulous, functional and affordable? The HRIS market is exploding with options. In fact, a google search for HRIS might leave you with over 7 million results. Sounds overwhelming? I can understand why.

Google HRIS

But search for fabulous HRIS and your results suddenly drop to under 76,000 and mostly leave google confused.

Fabulous HRIS

I find this amusing, but mostly this is a reflection of my choice of word and the limited time spent in designing fabulous HR systems. But when you find an HRIS that is fabulous it is worth sharing with the world! Not only is HRPartner.io fabulous, but truly functional and affordable too. I am calling this the success triangle.

FFA Triangle

How do I know this?

HRPartner logo

  1. Fabulousness: According to Josh Bersin, “User experience is the new battleground!” Not surprising, my simpler way of saying this is not just your customer systems, but your employee systems need to be fabulous. Fabulous as a system of engagement and self-service. HR Partner definitely delivers that. Given the clean and easy to use front-end (yes I mean front-end, there is really no back-end, anyone can set up the system!). This also changes HR’s role from policing to empowering end-users to manage their own requirements. Afterall, employees manage their data in their personal lives, so babysitting their data isn’t a vote of confidence in treating them as trusted adults who will do the right thing when no one is watching!  User experience is the new battlegroundThe other key to a fabulous user experience is letting the end-users drive design. This is so important, if you need a case study to prove this, here’s one from Huddle.
  2. Functional:
    • For starters, it took me less than an hour to set-up. Albeit I was setting up a trial system with fewer employees, but the fact is most systems will start with requirements gathering, enabling portals, blah blah blah. I didn’t do any of that. I got a link, clicked on it, played with tabs and filled in the blanks! All the pretty dashboards and tiles were pre-configured. So if not having enough time is an issue for your HR department, then you are covered. HRPartners orange banner
    • What can it do? HRPartner checklistsA lot for the size and price including enterprise grade security! Not only does it cover your employee details and document storage, but it also covers leave, organisation charts, recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, policies and forms, recording of training, prior education, benefits, skills, dynamic checklists, timesheets, performance reviews and the (unfortunate) but always popular lag reporting! All employee and manager to-do’s are right upfront so it’s hard to miss them, supported by good reminders.Quite honestly, given the easy to use and visual dashboard indicating trends and patterns, why would you download it into a report?HRPartners Blue
  3. Affordable: Finally, for all that it does, there is a very clear, and transparent pricing model. So if you are looking for a HRIS or your existing HRIS is not (as) fabulous, check out HRPartner.io. I suspect the fabulousness also has to do with Alaskan and Darwin-ian zen, but I will let you find out more about that yourself!


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