HR Technology selection without the meerkats

Have you recently jumped online to buy anything? If you have, especially insurance, you know the meerkats and those voices! If you haven’t, well you may(not) be missing out. But the concept is simple:



  1. Know you(r) needs and wants (or your organisation’s)
  2. Compare the products that suit
  3. And of course make the purchase decision!

Almost everything can be bought online, so doesn’t it seem bizarre that HR Technology selection and purchase is still so cumbersome, time-consuming, long-drawn, and most importantly not online? And even when it is online, it is limited to individual vendors websites whose requirements are skewed towards the features they have. This means organisation’s representatives end up buying technology without the research, comparison and due-diligence required.

Welcome to HR Technology selection online…finally!, the HR Lead Consulting initiative brings HR Technology selection to the 21st century. Yes, you can now stop creating all those complex excel spreadsheets for requirements, test scripts, manually creating procurement documents.


So what can it do? is a unique toolset designed specifically to support system implementations. It helps organisations in:

  1. selecting and defining requirements and project scope
  2. managing pre, during and post project activities, benefits and risks
  3. creating procurement documents
  4. creating user test scripts
  5. using market intelligence to create valuable insights
  6. shortlisting vendors automatically based on visualisation of system-fit against requirements
  7. scoring vendors and visualise system gaps
  8. making the decision to purchase the right applicant tracking system

Features that get me excited makes the selection process easier by aggregating the most popular and leading best-practice features in one place and cutting the requirements writing process short. Traditionally, for technology selection, the first (and cumbersome but exruciating essential) step is and has always been writing detail requirements. But having a set of requirements pre-written gives organisations’ a great start to assess their needs. Of course there is the opportunity to define custom requirements to suit your organisation too. This has got to be exciting for organisations that can spend months conducting workshops, and detailing every possible requirement and even then missing out on industry-leading practices.


Automatically matches your functional requirements to systems available in the market. This is the most exciting feature and certainly my favorite part of the entire toolset. Having the system automatically tell the organisation the best suited systems based on their specific needs can cut the vendor shortlisting process from months or days to minutes.


And finally those tedious test scripts creation is automated! Test scripts creation can be a very time-consuming and resource-heavy activity, so having the system automatically create a platform to tick-off your requirements as you test the system has to be nifty!


Don’t wait

If your organisation is in the process of considering new HR technology, don’t struggle through it. Call in the experts from HR Lead Consulting to give you a market-leading toolset to select your system.

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