Finding your ‘dream geek’ just got easier!

How many times have you (Hiring Manager or recruiter or both) hired a developer or technical resource to only find out one or two weeks later that their technical skills weren’t as advanced as you required? In fact any recruiter or hiring manager will tell you that a great per cent of coders/developers or technical helpdesk analysts hired don’t make probation. That’s staggering given the amount of time, money and effort that goes into hiring for every role. People are the single biggest cost of most businesses and clunky unsustainable ways of hiring for people is the last headache companies want.

11Now most recruiters aren’t coders or developers, so they’re relying on key words selected by hiring managers like Advanced Java or HTML skills, etc. and matching those to candidates resumes. That’s where the problem begins, recruiters are matching skills and experience on paper and shortlisting those candidates for interviews. Call me a skeptic, but while on paper these candidates look good, unless their technical skills are tested there is no guarantee they know how to code or develop or support a particular technology.12

Now a good hiring manager could ask them curly technical questions in the interview to suss out their technical capabilities, but wouldn’t testing those skills be a better way to seriously shorten the interviewing and hiring time?

So what’s the point?

Meet ‘Technically Compatible’, a bespoke online platform that gives you the ability to test before you go any further in the screening process. Don’t sift through CV’s, zoom through screening.


It’s the e-Harmony of technical matchmaking! Questions and code challenges are created and vetted by relevant technical experts. They cover it all in one single test– be it beginners and or advanced Java and or <insert name of your preferred technology> and or a combination of different skills in order and weight of importance to your roles!


They make it easy:


3 easy steps are all it takes to get started! Screen out the less compatible ones, and welcome the super geeks! And no you don’t have to be a geek to find one at all- just test ‘em!

  1. Create testname it and pick it (pick basic or advanced or a combination of skills questions); select basic for bulk uniformed testing or advanced tests that offer over 120 different topics/languages covering design, development, infrastructure administration, mobile development, project management, and the list goes on. My favourite are easily the supersized code challenges that are auto-scored and recorded, where you pick the language you want to test the candidate in, set a challenge to create a viable outcome, and then get the candidate coding it! And yes, of course you can add your own. Hiring Managers and in house developers can put the test together in order to ensure the right questions are selected if preferred.


  1. Assign test – You can assign the test by including a unique web address for that test or send a bespoke email to each candidate to access the test. Each candidate can only access the test once with the same email address. And no, there are no annoying sign-up requirements. The candidate can get straight into it with the link in the email.


  1. Report on it– In the reports you get a wealth of data. Code challenge transcripts, for instance, show each keystroke and copy/paste. They also show focus state, which means users can see when, where and how long for a candidate is away from the test. This, combined with the other many details, means that a user gets a real impression of whether a candidate is researching a solution or whether they have just lifted it from somewhere else. Giving you a real reflection of the knowledge and ability of your candidates. Now it wouldn’t work if users couldn’t take that information out in a usable format to make decisions. So…
  • The visual reports allow you to drill into the results (look at particular candidate scopes, time to answer, section performance etc.)
  • Employers can choose to get a notification for every candidate who completes the test or NOT
  • As candidates complete tests, the system gives you the top candidates based on their test performances and benchmarks
  • The benchmarking against internal candidates results, other candidates or your current team allows you to make the best decisions
  • Of course you can use scales to filter candidates above a certain score for viewing
  • And yes you can download the transcripts or summary of results into pdf to share with Hiring Managers or decision makers individual-report-summary
  • You can even share the results with non-users of the platform by providing them with an interactive link to the results
  • And you never lose the results from previous candidates


I am going to let you in on a secret… client-ref

With over 400 clients across 19 countries already using Technically Compatible, you know they are onto something. You do not want to miss out! How about starting now by asking them for a demo?

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