Boring job descriptions or Hiring Precision?

Recently a friend asked me to validate a decision he had made about not applying for a job. He has changed careers since he set out a decade ago, and is now considering a way back into the original career choice he  made. He  read a job advertisement, and after the first couple of sentences felt an urgent need to yawn, get a coffee, and google words that could explain what he just read. He decided that this wasn’t for him, even though some of what he read was vaguely interesting, but in the end the job description couldn’t articulate what he would actually be doing! I immediately told him, “well sounds like this wasn’t for you”, but he still wanted me to read it and tell him if he made the right decision. I read it and I couldn’t even get past the first ‘Responsibility’ listed. It didn’t just make me yawn, but as someone who came into HR accidentally, I knew this story too well, the advertisers had no idea what the person hired would actually do. Don’t get me wrong, there is a strong chance that the hiring manager could explain what they were looking for, but time, busy recruiters, old job descriptions, lack of innovation/creativity and lack of ability to attract 21st century candidates got in the way!

3 Questions

  1. How long does it take you (as a Recruiter) to read the Hiring Manager’s mind?
  2. Do you continuously update your job descriptions and roles to keep them in line with ‘the real job’?
  3. When was the last time you had time to research, be creative and visual in your job description?



And the answer…for recruiters


GlideHR removes the need for recruiters to have a ‘High Tech Mind Reading Helmet’.  They take the guess work out of hiring and capture the Hiring Manager’s requirements with precision. It starts with a simple 10-15 minute mobile-friendly questionnaire for the Hiring Manager and ends in a beautifully designed, compelling job description ready for the recruiters.

ghr2for candidates

They will take notice and know what they’re getting into. Candidates will relate to the Hiring Manager and will be able to envision what their day to day work life will look like. Most importantly, they won’t leave due to not finding the actual job to be anything like the job they applied for!

 The key takeaways:


  1. GlideHR keeps your job descriptions ‘real’ and ‘relevant’. Don’t rewrite or repurpose those boring, ‘standard’ and vague job descriptions. Let creative writers bring your Hiring Manager’s requirements to appeal to the ideal candidates.
  2. They do all the work and have a job description delivered to your inbox! Think of all the new time you will be able to spend on engaging with potential candidates.
  3. Don’t lose the ideal candidates to your competitors! Attract them with your uniquely designed and crystal clear job descriptions.
  4. Save time, money, reputation and productivity lost due to hiring the wrong candidate. In other words reduce turnover.
  5. Finally, recruiters can keep their Hiring Managers happy and on their side by finding the right candidate every time!


The secret is out and these companies are already onto them!


For all inquiries about GlideHR, contact Michael Klein. It is so easy to get started, just ask to Supercharge your job postings!

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