Be Bold, make your recruiting interesting!

If you’re involved in recruitment in this generation, welcome to this quick and dirty introduction to interviewing! Having involved in implementing a wide-range of recruitment systems (ATS’s) in the past few years, one part of the recruitment process that takes the longest amount of time is pre-screening candidates from the applications received followed by scheduling interviews. Pre-screening is a painful process, given that most jobs advertised receive 250 applicants at the minimum according to Glassdoor. And each month employers look to fill over 150,000 vacancies, that is sifting through approximately millions of documents!!! The next step is equally painful for recruiters , calling these candidates and then repeating the same questions to each individual to receive stock standard answers in most cases.

2 Questions

  1. If you’re a recruiter, I sympathize with you! What are you doing win the war of talent? In fact, I challenge you to estimate how much time you can save using video here.R1
  2. If you’re a candidate, there is serious competition. What are you doing to distinguish yourself?

And the answer…


For a recruiter:

  1. ‘Resumes’ are so passe. Why still use them when you could get an interactive and interesting way of reviewing your candidates? After all, if they cannot express themselves on video, what chance do they in front of your customers and clients?
  2. Show them you’re in with the S-generation. With most of the workforce now being social, you need to reach them in innovative and social ways and video is a great way to do this!
  3. Share your culture to find the ‘right fit’. This is your opportunity for employer branding. What better way then get your Hiring Manager in front of the camera to ask the preliminary questions themselves? Let the candidates get a glimpse of who they will be reporting to? If the candidate is impressed with his future boss, they are more likely to want to ace the interview!
  4. Does your job require multi-lingual skills? Well, has that covered too!
  5. Finally, they knew you would want to integrate this with your ATS. has a dedicated API which can be connected to with minimal effort.

This is exactly what ‘’ enables-the opportunity for employers to provide their current and future workforce’s a delightful experience so that they feel excited to do ‘business’ with the company. What’s even better, there are NO UPFRONT COSTS-I love this about, they don’t want to complicate the process for employers.

For a candidate:


  1. Showcase yourself – put your best face Display all those skills like professionalism, verbal and non-verbal communication skills via your video interview.
  2. Don’t let your resume do all the passive engagement! Engage them with your personality, thoughts and why you think you should get the job! If you impress them on video, you’re so much closer to getting a face to face interview call!
  3. Travelling or can’t take a day-off to attend pre-screening process? Video interviewing solves that problem-you can record anywhere, anytime!


They’ve already been successful in making so many employers successful in acquiring impressive talent!

R5 For all inquiries about, contact Samuli Ahola or It is so easy to get started, just request a demo!

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