Let’s face it, we all love a little ‘Perq’

Do you remember your childhood experiences of discovering little miniature creatures or cards in chips packets? Or may be you know something as recent as discovering messages in a fortune cookie or the little discount on your favourite purchase? Let’s Face it, we all love a little ‘Perq’. Then why don’t most companies still associate this age-old behaviourial pattern with their workplaces?

I don’t know about you, but I would love to be given a free something or voucher as an employee to continuously encourage me. Those long-term incentives or short-term incentives (read 1 year or longer) no longer cut-it. I want continuous ‘reward and recognition’ for my high-performance. In fact, this is so nicely captured in this article on employee recognition which lists “In the moment” recognition as the first point closely followed by “Appropriate in volume/scale”. This makes it really clear, that if companies give recognition at the right time and the right volume they are already on the path to winning the war for talent.

3 Questions


  1. How does your company reward your employees and candidates? Yes you read it right, candidates should be rewarded too for being interested in YOU rather than your competitor!
  2. Companies that leave onboarding to chance, experience a 50% failure rate in retaining the best talent.
  3. According to the SHRM/Globoforce, peer-to-peer recognition is 37% more likely to have a positive impact on financial results than manager-only recognition.

And the answer…


Now imagine if you’re about to start a new job and part of the onboarding process, you were offered a range of benefits including discounted food, fitness, dance classes, cleaning services, and a range of other such ‘necessities’ of the ‘Social’-generation? Or even before you got hired, for going through the selection process, you were thanked for your efforts? I would be extremely pleased and impressed with this organisation for displaying a culture of rewarding and recognising its people and being ‘in with this generation’.


This is exactly what ‘Perqy’ enables-the opportunity for employers to provide their current and future workforce a delightful experience so that they feel rewarded to do ‘business’ with the company.

The key takeaways:

  1. Rewards offered by employers can be so 16th century sometimes but with Perqy, employees can “Like” certain deals. This empowers the organisation with choice to sponsor those deals.
  2. Perqy also has a feature called “Perqy Bucks” that can be used to reward individual employees. It is like credit to be used on the site. Employers can easily purchase Perqy Bucks and then distribute them to reward employees for a job well done. Perqy bucks can also be used to give employees a monthly allowance-yes a little something ‘over and beyond’ the pay cheque!
  3. What’s even better, there are NO UPFRONT COSTS-I love this about Perqy, they don’t want to complicate the process for employers. The process for employers, employees and merchants is so simple.


They already have NYC covered!


For all enquiries about Perqy, contact Nisha Garigarn. It is so easy to get started, just request a demo!  If you’re not in NY, sorry you have missed out on using Perqy, but don’t feel defeated, there are several other ways like RED to get started with recognising and rewarding your workforce!

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