Process Automation on Steroids?

I am usually not excited by demos from HR Vendors. Yes, I am not that easily impressed. But when someone talks about Process automation and that too on steroids, they have my full attention! Now admittedly, this doesn’t happen very often. In a recent meeting with Ian Dunn, MD of BTP+ I was very honest with him regarding my feedback and thoughts on HR Technology products and vendors, but he was equally passionate in explaining why their solutions are different. When I meet someone with that kind of passion, I am compelled to write about them especially when indeed their solution is different to the usual ‘Out of Box’ solutions currently in the market.

You already know this…

  1. Every company executes “HR” operations with slight variations and that’s even within the same state or country.
  2. No ‘best practice’ HR will suit ‘your’ business perfectly.
  3. Humans make it different.Guess what, ‘systems’ are not that clever! What you see in a system is actually what you or the vendor tells the system to do.

Are you (un-der)prepared?

In the past few years I’ve come across myriad of implementation issues. The most common ones are to do with poor strategic direction, general lack of preparedness for a project lifecycle, poor sponsorship or buy-in from senior executives and lack of clear channels of communication or a combination of all or some of the above. Each of these issues affect a project in different ways but ultimately impact success. The one issue that is a repeat offender is the lack of preparedness to undertake the project.

A common element of this unpreparedness is the lack of documented processes. The projects that manage to create process maps, create them at a point in time and then not necessarily use them or keep them up to date. This begs the question ‘what’s the point’? Now if you know me, you’re already familiar with my passion for everything process. So I find that question confronting.

Make those (processes) work!

Take those processes and make them ‘work’ as the configuration for your system! The system is then merely the automation tool. I like that idea and I have met enough clients who would happily choose an automation engine over a pre-configured tool that needs to be customised. What I am talking about is a business process management platform. I am not going to lie, you still need to ‘create’ forms for the user but that’s really the ‘cosmetic’ element. Most businesses still only want and can afford to do the basics, considering all user interfaces are now about simplicity, cleanliness and going back to basics and removing clutter, this is not a big ask! That’s right, to build a system that is based on your to-be specifications and gives you flexibility, agility and complete control of designing what you and your customers experience, contact BTP+.


Discover the power of business process management with BTP+, these smart companies already have.

BTP Clients 1

BTP Clients 2

BTP Clients 3

For all enquiries for  starting your BTP+ experience, contact Ian Dunn today. It is so easy to get started! Start by requesting a demo today. 

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