Series 2: To be a Human (Resource) or not?

Are you at the crossroads in your career or education wondering whether to consider Human Resources (commonly referred to as HR) as your first or next career? Have you wondered what working in or studying HR would be like in this and next generation?

In this three part series, you will find out about:

  1. what HR courses commonly don’t offer;
  2. what is exciting about HR as a career now and in future;
  3. why HR is really only about PEOPLE but technology and process play a very exciting role in this career.

Series 2 : What is exciting about HR as a career now and in future?


Okay I know, that almost everyone’s dream job is not needing one. But if you’re going to have a job, why not have one that gives you enjoyment via helping others (acquire or keep a job that they want)? In my previous post, I gave you some insights about what HR courses at universities don’t usually offer, but you’re back so I know you’re still considering pursuing HR as a career. Let me tell you what is so exciting about being in this profession now and in future:

  1. It involves technology; ever wonder what these peoples’ people actually do and how if at all technology plays a role? Well, you’ve chosen the right place to look, so congratulations! Every HR job that I can imagine involves using exciting and innovative technology. Right from the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) using predictive analytics to gain insights into the biggest strength of its business-its people; to the mighty HR Generalist using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Employee Manager Self-Service (EMSS), technology equips these peoples people with making work life simpler, effective and efficient for all. So if you’re into technology, you’re definitely going to enjoy this ride.
  2. It involve process; HR profession involves creating repeatable processes for hiring and retaining people, the company’s greatest unique selling point! If you’re from a background that appreciates process, well there’s yet another great reason to choose this as your career.
  3. And most definitely and importantly involves people; it would all be pointless, if it wasn’t all about the people. Think about bringing skills like consulting, partnering, coordinating, designing, hiring, recruiting, developing, problem-solving, listening, communicating, and most importantly coaching into play. In my upcoming article on “why HR is really only about PEOPLE…” I will discuss this at length, but by now the skeletons of a career in this domain should be well formed in your minds. HR is all about the business of people whether you choose to work for an internal people department or an external agency providing these skills, you have a very bright career if you choose this path!

If you want to know more about what HR careers in Australia are on offer, it is really easy, just check out Jobs in HR. If you have any questions or comments about this article, please do get in touch with or tweet to hrtechgirl. For more insights into HR Technology, check out  Juhi King’s blog

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