Put “S” in your Hire

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As a keen advocator, user and follower of Social Media , when I came across Social-Hire, it got me excited on behalf of all my HR and recruitment friends! So for that reason alone, I had to introduce you to Social-Hire and Tony Restell.

 Did you know?

  1.  72% of all internet users are now active on social media.
  2. 71% of users access social media from a mobile device.
  3. 97% of marketers indicate that they are participating in social media marketing.

  3 Questions


Social-Hire Chat


  1. How does your company engage with future clients and candidates?
  2. Are you too scared to be ‘social’ in your recruitment?
  3. Are you building a talent pool that is future-proof?

 And the answer…



I recently had the fortune to speak with Tony and discuss what drives his passion for social media and how they can help organisations and especially recruiters create unparalleled presence in the careers and recruiting space! The simplicity with which Tony explained to me how they achieve their clients’ goals was a great indication of their deep expertise and client management skills. I have worked in the HR Technology space for a while now, and from my implementation experiences, I know for a fact that while you can get some great advise from technology vendors on using their ATS and its ability to integrate with social tools, what you don’t get is help on implementing and executing a great social media strategy, this is where Social-Hire excels!

Engaging candidates via social channels is a great way to create a rich talent pool for current and future needs of your business. You only need to read the popular white paper and slideshare from Bill Boorman to know how important this is for your candidates. Very eloquently put forward by Take The Interview team Candidates need to be nurtured with content, updates and the opportunity to engage”.

For candidates, Social-Hire equally provides insights, job search options, recruiter access and career tips and advice in all areas of career and interviewing skills.

They’re so highly regarded for what they do, here’s the type of feedback you hear from their clients – in this case a recruitment technology company!

“Tony Restell and the Social-Hire team have helped us develop a cohesive social media strategy.  This goes way beyond creating our Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages (which they did for us).  Tony helped me think though our social strategy and how to reach, listen and respond to customers and prospects. They have given me the tools, the training, and the best practices to engage with our various audiences in a more personal and genuine way.  When we launched, Social-Hire helped us get the word out to recruiters on both sides of the pond, to ensure our launch was broadly publicized and well received. I learn something new every day from Tony and the team and most importantly, I haven’t embarrassed myself online. We’re big fans of Social-Hire and plan on being customers for a very, very long time.”


For all Australian enquiries for starting your Social-Hire journey, contact  Juhi King, aka hrtechgirl@gmail.com. It is so easy to get started! Start by requesting your free 30 minute call  today with Tony’s team of social experts! And no there are no ‘Gotcha’s’, there are clear packages for businesses and individuals explained on their website so you know exactly what you’re committing to!

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