Video Interviewing: Uncomfortable, possibly; Effective, most definitely!!!

Did you know?

  1. According to Forrester Research paper on “How Video Will Take over the World”, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.
  2. Australians spent 7:48 per month in the quarter viewing video online on a PC or laptop.
  3. The major trend in recruitment in the last ten years is a shift towards online resources.

3 Questions

  1. Why would you read a resume if you could get a candidate to detail their suitability for the job in a video?
  2. Do you (as recruiters) and/or your hiring managers have unlimited time to read (boring) resumes?
  3. Isn’t it better to KNOW if the candidate really has good communication skills by watching and listening to them talk instead of reading their four or so page long resume?

And the answer…

“Locally, Regionally and Globally”

You only need to ask a recruiter and/or a hiring manager how long they read a resume to know it is no longer interesting or convincing. From lies to spelling mistakes, the traditional resume has put off recruiters and managers and irrevocably gathered paper and digital dust.

For recruiters, hiring managers and brand marketers, Sonru gives the recruitment/screening industry a new lease in life with an easy to use interface, considerable reduction in time to hire with up to 80% reduction in first round screening, bringing better candidates forward, and a great way to put your company’s best brand foot forward! Oh and of course no more back and forth with scheduling those phone interviews, let your candidates manage their own diary, all you need to do is set up the due date and the questions! And of course there is an App for it, so you won’t lose the ever-increasing smartphones and tablet users market. And if you’re still not convinced, it even integrates with major ATS’s and can potentially reduce recruitment life cycle and costs by 50%!!!

For candidates, Sonru provides a wealth of benefits. Okay, so there might be some great jibes about the formats of resumes, but one thing you do know is anything that makes you shine brighter than the other candidate is worth the effort. From flexibility to interview from wherever you want, to choosing a time that suits you to respond, not having to travel, not having to take time-off, the list really goes on. And even if you’re not into videoing yourself and/or hearing your own voice, guess what there is even that time for testing things out before going for the real recording. So next time you’re asked for feedback from an interviewer/company, don’t hesitate to suggest Sonru to them!

And of course I have to name drop just a few of their clients!

For all Australian enquiries for starting your Sonru experience, contact Juhi King, aka It is so easy to get started! Start by requesting your demo today!

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