Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Successful Company

Happy Employees

Did you know?

3 Questions

  1.  Can you detect early warnings/signs of poor employee moods and morale as HR Director, Manager and Organisation? Do you have a way of knowing if the best/most modern benefits/rewards scheme including on-site gym, etc. is working or if it is improving employee morale?
  2. Are you able to track changes in employee mood and morale since you implemented the suggestions from the last employee engagement survey?
  3. Are your employees in a different office to you? Do you know if they’re having a good day? Do you have a way to measure/track trends in employee moods before, during and after implementing change initiatives?

What do these questions have in common? What can YOU do?

All the above situations beg for a way to empower managers and leaders with information on employee moods and morale in order to detect any signs of disengagement and find ways to discuss and address such situations/issues in a timely manner. I am so glad to report there is a simple answer to all the above questions/situations: The Daily Pulse by Celpax.

Daily Pulse doesn’t replace your employee engagement survey. It acts as a great supplement to empower your managers with real-time information about how employees are feeling! If you’re a leader/management team that believes in empowering people and finding ways to understand what keeps your employee happy and engaged then Daily Pulse is a great device for you.

Gone are the days when you wait for your employees to answer long-winded questions in a survey. Instead I propose a small, smart, snappy touch device that hangs at the exit, asks people to press Green/Red and sends you a weekly summary of employee moods and trends straight to your inbox. If email is not your thing, there is a simple dashboard that empowers you with all the information you need to have those important conversations. And of course…you can have both!

Dashboard-DailyPulse-Employee_Mood-Aug (2)

If your scores are always in the green and you have normal attrition, celebrate it. Your employees are generally happy and your company is most likely on its path of growth and success. However, if the scores are trending downwards, analyse recent company events, management decisions and discuss openly with your employees what you can do to improve things. If you can turn things around based on their feedback, it is probably the best value for your money from a piece of technology!



Guess who’s already onto it?

Clients spanning from manufacturing and retail to services across several countries!!! You can find more information on http://www.celpax.com/

Guess whos onto to it


Take Action

For all Australian and New Zealand enquiries for acquiring and installing Daily Pulse, contact Juhi King, aka hrtechgirl@gmail.com to get your DailyPulse device. It is so easy to get, install and use! Guess what, if you don’t like it, you can return it in 90 days! And what’s even better, if you are into trialling before buying like I am, you can even get a free device to get you started. So don’t wait another minute!

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