A case of the dress looks great on the mannequin but not so much on you?


That shiny HR system looked great in the demo but not so much after purchase with your data and people wearing (using) it?

Sound very similar to seeing that gorgeous outfit/accessory on the mannequin/model but after buying not so much? Well it is!

I am all for getting demos and checking out the offering before you buy it. After all based on which vendor you chose this could be an dear purchase and not one that you can easily get rid off like the dress that doesn’t suit you anymore after just purchasing it.

Growing up I had this theory that they sprayed the dresses in the shop to attract people’s noses and the spotlights made the mannequin wearing that dress even better. This made the purchase irresistible and of course once they had me they had my parents purse.

After all these years in the world of HR Technology I don’t think much has changed. If the vendors have the decision makers mind and heart they have unlocked the organisations vault. What’s even better, just like the perfect mannequin the HR systems are dressed with the best and most organised data sets and crystal clear processes. And the people navigating the system in the demo are expertly trained sales people who can navigate the system in their dreams. And you know they definitely have you when they say that don’t worry we can help deal with the non standard processes and unstructured data. That statement is almost as good as the small print or unsaid small print that the mannequin was made perfectly to make the most ordinary dress look exciting, easy to wear and definitely sexy.

By now you have got the point. So if you take one thing from having read this let it be that the demo isn’t the right place to decide whether you buy the system. In fact unlike the dress which you most likely can’t try before you buy negotiate with your vendor to get a free trial of the product using your data set and get your people to use it to run the current process. They might find the to be process before their eyes while trialing the system, you know at that time the decision will be a much saner one!

If you have any questions or comments or need support finding you your next HR technology please feel free to give hrtechgirl@gmail.com a shout!

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