The Common Mistake(s)


“That (HR) system sucks”. Have you heard or said that before? Well, the good news is you’re not alone and the bad news is it’s not changing as quickly as you’d expect. This statement in fact applied to other systems too. All support technology, whether for HR or Customer Service is reliant on ‘Humans’ making a choice. This choice determines the end-user experience. This is where “The common mistake(s)” are born.

In most cases, this end-user experience is reflective of the “smoothness” of the underlying processes. So if your (HR) system is failing, ask yourself the following three questions:

  1. is there a robust process that drives the system?
  2. are the ‘human’ using the system ‘aware’ of the above process?
  3. finally, is the system reflecting the process and simplifying it for its users?

If the answer to any of the above is ‘No’, it’s back to the drawing board or Visio or ‘insert name of tool’ to map process, people and technology. Everyone hates a long document, so find the most interactive tool that you can afford which can enable a collaborative environment to bring together end-users, super-users and most importantly people making the ‘choice’ to answer these three questions.

For ideas on how to collaborate; tools for process-mapping; help with process-engineering or re-engineering don’t hesitate to contact



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